Welding is your chance!!!!!!

Is it really possible?

Yes, and here is how.

Did you know that welding is an omnipresent technology? From computer components to nuclear power plants, from highways to skyscrapers, from welding in space to submerged welding, from rough structures to art works…..welding is everywhere. Diversity in applied processes, working with different materials, the possibility of working in different conditions and different bodily positions present versatile career choices.

The possibilities are there. Welder is an occupation high in demand at global level. Shortage of welders was caused by several factors such as economic growth, average age of experienced welders that is constantly increasing due to late retirement, and the negative image of welding among young people. But the basic reason is that the labor market requires competent welders, welders with knowledge, skill and stability for the predefined quality of final product.

In other words, the jobs are not questionable – they are long-term! Diverse. Challenging. For adventurists and those who are not. For those who like to travel and those who do not. For creative people and performing artists. For artists and ….  all those who are interested.

Skilled, qualified, professionally certified welders can work anywhere in the world and provide services in the harshest of environments. For these accomplished professionals, the monetary rewards can be significant.

If you want to learn more about arc welding check out this link Operation Arc EN in English or Operaton Arc DE in German.

If you still haven’t decided, maybe these sentences or description at the link Fronius will help open your eyes.

“For us, welding technology and welding are synonymous with passion, challenges and delivering outstanding performance time and again – in other words, exciting and varied work. In our book “Operation: ARC”, this is precisely what we want to show; after all, welding is much more than just joining bits of metal together. This 90-page collection of graphic novels combines action, technology and know-how in gripping tales.” – Fronius Int……..

Welding occupations

Here you can find descriptions of welding occupations to make your choice easier.

Labor market

Here you can find job openings for welders at European labor market.

Interesting features

This is a place where we can together share interesting features from the welding world in order to change the image of welding among young people.