For training, communication and knowledge revision as well as self-assessment we recommend the use of your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). This way you will be online anytime, anywhere. You will be able to check your knowledge and get answers to your questions here and now. will assist you in proper choice of educational materials, communication space and good practice examples.

Self assessment

Our database with multiple choice questions within the field of welding. Use self assessment for exam preparation or for lifelong learning. Start by choosing category in the menu to the right. All categories – fifteen multiple choice questions from all categories. Time trial – collect as many points as possible in five minutes.


Learn or train with: classic papers, e-learning papers, search, books, videos, podcasts and welding learning / knowledge pages. Mobile as an enabler!


Read Wikis and communicate through: blogs, forums, communities of practice, Facebook, Linkedln etc. Mobile as an accelerator!


Embedded: reference information, feedback, after action reviews, quality circles, applications and games – read and use on your mobile. Mobile as a transformational opportunity!