The wish to participate is deeply embedded in human nature and it guided me towards acquiring knowledge on the matter and creating foundations for competence in the area. However, I was soon faced with a problem: how to filter the basic, useful and applicable information out of the sheer abundance.

As it is usually in life, some things happen against our will. So, instead of ending the career with my new love, I changed my job and became a teacher at the Industrial and Trade School Slavonski Brod, Croatia. Just as I thought my job would only be to teach technical drawing, the area I was very competent in because I was an authorized planner, the authorities decided to enroll an entire class of welders, so I soon became their mentor and thaught them vocational subjects. What this meant for me was I had to do the prep work and research for my teaching, in other words – dig through all that information all over again.

The experience I gathered in Đuro Đaković (Slavonski Brod, Croatia), the experience in researching all the teaching material that would be adequate for welder training, positive environment at the school, working with young and thriving colleagues and students generated the idea to create a networking site dealing with the topic of welding. The idea remained just an idea for a long time but as I was in the process of writing a proposal for the Erasmus+ KA2 project entitled Welding is your chance (WeldChance), I decided to offer to create an innovative platform aiming at all welders. A platform that would serve the purpose of mobilizing young people into welding and provide a multitude of safe and verified information on welding useful for online education or for a specific job. Whether we were successful and if the platform served the interest of potential users only time will tell.

In case you were wondering what makes this platform different, here are some points that could persuade you.

Yes, there are already many sites dealing with welding but none of them has completely covered the wide complexity of welding. The platform aims at doing precisely that.

Our biggest desire is to change the negative perspective young people have of welding and of their possible career in it and to encourage communication between all levels and profiles of welding community. The immediate transfer of observations through communication will raise the level of knowledge on welding. Both those who are starting their career and those who are coming towards the end of their welding path will always have something to say and something new to learn.

Articles, magazines, conferences, conventions, books, e-books, e-material dealing with the area of welding are always somehow put in nice covers and are hard to find and open.

The welding profession on higher levels has been covered thoroughly. However, the level of knowledge for welders has been reduced to pure skill. Skillful welders are always going to be seeked and required but only those who raise their level of knowledge in technology, self-control, and possibly foreign languages, and this is where young people have the advantage, will significantly contribute to the headway of the profession.

We will try to provide the members and visitors of with as much necessary information as possible to be found in one place. We kindly ask for your patience, because it is going to take months before we can fill the platform.

The platform is of open nature so we would like to invite all of you to contribute with your ideas, recommendations, articles, insight and/or any other type of information!