The place where welders come together to learn from each other; to get and give advice, and share their opinions, experience and expertise. This is a member area and you have to login to gain access to most of the features inside.

Member page

When you sign up and become a WeldChance member, you get your own member page where you can present information about yourself. You also get access to all the tools you need to communicate with other members and make your own contributions to the WELDCHANCE network.

Member lists

Are you searching for members from your own city or country? Or looking for a special member? You can filter WeldChance members by different country lists from the drop-down menu or search members by different criterias, like first name, last name or username.

WeldChance Facebook page

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One way to interact with fellow members is to join one ore more of the WeldChance groups. There are national groups and subspeciality groups, and anything in between, and if you don´t find a group of your interest you can always start your own group of choice.


The discussion forum may be considered a core function of the Welders community. Here you can participate in ongoing discussion threads on various welding subjects, and if you have a question to the community or a subject you would like to discuss, you can start your own thread.


To start your own blog is an interesting way to give your fellow members an insight into your professional life. Write about any welding matter; your latest case of interest, conferences you´ve been to etc. Or you can write about your freetime interests or any trivia you like.


Another way to share your interesting moments with the community is to upload images to your albums. Publish images from your interesting cases, from your surroundings at work, your colleagues and coworkers etc. Or you can upload images from your latest holidays with short travel stories.