www.weldchance.com  is a professional online platform with the purpose of connecting welders of all levels: engineers, planners, technologists, specialists, practitians and welding inspectors, welders, students, pupils and welding course takers. A big welcome to all the young people for whom welding is the choice for the future. Welcome are also all those engineers, technicians, metallurgists and all other who encounter welding in their everyday jobs.

WeldChance was launched in 2016 as an EU project, the Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership project called “Welding is your chance” and initially supported by EU funds.

The main concept of this online platform is to promote welding as an attractive job and to network all the welders and those interested in welding. The goal is to give useful information to those who are about to choose their professional path, as well as a whole spectrum of useful resources to experienced welders and welding trainees in order to keep them up-to-date regarding welding issues of their interest.

Apart from the starting part Home, main parts of the online platform are: Youth Page, Community, Self-Learning and Updates. The members will be able to contribute to different categories through each of the main parts – by adding interesting facts on the Youth page, by writing blogs or forum posts in the Welding Community, adding questions for self-evaluation, but they will also be able to recommend quality materials for welder education in the category Self – learning and submit news or calender events in Updates.


This is a place for promotion of welding occupations in a simple language suitable for young people. It refers to the labour market situation to make it easier for them to opt for these occupations.


This place will join together all the welders so they can easily learn from each other. Young people who wish or are about to become welders can get useful advice from those who already work as welders; trainees can ask and receive advice from their older colleagues and experienced welders can share experiences among themselves.


This is a place for learning, revising and evaluating one’s own knowledge. Here you can find diverse resources for acquiring basic knowledge about welding in a different variety of formats – whether you are a student, trainee or an experienced welder.


This is where experienced welders update their knowledge. The gathered resources provide information on new professional and scientific achievements in welding and announce future events regarding this important technology.

All information gathered by the www.weldchance.com  like e-mail address or members’ personal data will never be passed on to the third party, unless required by law.