The WeldChance project aims at recognition and defining the welder profession for three welding processes: MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG, by developing proposal for occupational standards according to the EQF principles and international qualifications. — Registration is free! Register today

Youth page

This is a place for promotion of welding occupations in a simple language suitable for young people. By presenting the labour market situation it is easier for students to choose a professional path.

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This place will gather all welding professionals so they can learn from each other. Future welders can get useful advice from professionals who already work with the technology.

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This is a place for learning, revising and evaluating one’s own knowledge. Here you can find diverse resources, with verified quality, for acquiring knowledge in welding and adjacent technologies.

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This is where experienced welders update their knowledge. The gathered resources provide information on new professional and scientific achievements in welding and announce future events.

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Latest on our blog

13. 11. 2017.

How WeldChance came to be?

10 years ago, when I was for the first time in my career given the opportunity to dig more deeply into the area of metalwork and welding, there was instant platonic love. I admired the products and people who made them, I came to love the job – especially welding but I didn’t know how to take part in it!

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